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There are several ways to buy $FJB coin. First is on Pancake Swap, click the link below and also see the instructional video below. Next is buying $FJB on ProBit for international buyers, link below. You can also trade $FJB on XT.com, link below along with instructional video. 

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What started as a chant, is now a movement. This is about the voices of every individual across the world being heard when they felt like they’ve been silenced. We started this project as a rally around this movement with two main objectives, one, to build a community where people are free to voice their views without fear of being shamed, discriminated against or cancelled and two, charitable giving to veterans, first responders and all of those who have given their lives for this great country.

Since launching this project in October 2021, the support we have received from the community is unlike anything in crypto. We started with just a handful of members to a community of over 6,000 people across the world and almost 7,000 coin holders and we’re only getting stronger. There is hardly a second that goes by where someone in one of our online communities is not typing a message. Everyone wants to know how they can own a coin that gives back to veterans, first responders and their family but most importantly be a part of something bigger than they are.

$FJB Let’s Go Brandon! Coin is built on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). View the contract here.


The $FJB tokenomics consist of 40B total supply and we burned ~17.8B coins which can be seen in the burn wallet on BscScan. We also have a transaction fee of 8% of which goes to both marketing and donations to charitable organizations that give back to Veterans. Finally, while in the early stages of the coin, we have 2% sell limits to curb volatility.

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Every time you buy or sell $FJB, a portion of our transaction fees get donated to Veterans who gave everything for their country.

$ 1
Donated to charities supporting Veterans.


Most frequent questions and answers

Check out our videos / tutorials above on how to buy $FJB.

Every transaction processed for $FJB has a transaction fee. A portion of that transaction fee gets routed directly to a charity wallet. We will donate to charities that support veterans and first responders. See above for our donation tracker.

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